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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 2, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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for his new zealand skydiving business. and look here. that's coby, his 3-year-old son, strapped to his chest falling fast and furiously out of a new zealand plane as documented later on facebook. when he announced his 2-year-old was next, a public outcry from down under finally grounded his this morning on "world news plans. he told abc news in a statement now" -- crowd control. police on the university of that this is something special i kentucky campus plan to crack can do with my boys that not many can do. also saying, i'm 100% confident down today as the school's in my equipment and safety with basketball team goes for the tandem skydiving. >> this is about a father doing national championship. >> out-of-control celebrations something that could severely led to riots and arrests on hurt, if not kill, if something campus over the weekend when goes wrong, his young child. wildcats fans got too wild. and there's a reason they are known and called death-defying it's monday, april 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, sports. this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. sometimes things can go terribly i'm tanya rivero in for paula wrong. faris. >> i'm t.j. winick in for rob >> reporter: but all over nelson. youtube, parents don't seem to >> t & t. >> the unrest on the kentucky mind. campus led to dozens of arrest they let this 9-year-old in and they do not want the crowd romania take the plunge. to get out of hand again. they expect a different and much more orderly scene as the wildcat goes for the and this 7-year-old girl in championship. >> crazy images out there. taiwan jumped, too.
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also this morning, the and can be seen here in a long powell family strategy. susan powell's loved ones are free-fall over cold, icy terrain down below. and the video camera rolled expressing outrage and demanding to know why her husband josh was while a 6-year-old jumped also never arrested. he killed himself and their two in new zealand. young sons in an explosion two months ago. but when it comes to the very and later this half hour, youngest of children -- it's obvious we did not win >> the question always remains, whose dream is this? friday's record mega millions is it the child's, or is it the parents'? jackpot. >> reporter: it seems some dreams are better off deferred. >> because we're here. at least for a few more years. mark greenblatt, abc news, new >> we're back at work. york. but the world is waiting to see >> if the child can't speak, how who did win, including people in is it their dream? >> i'm sorry. a small illinois town where one we are very nonjudgmental people here at "world news now," but, of three winning tickets was you know, i mean, you let your kids decide whether they're sold. >> we still don't know who all the lucky folks are. going to play some sports or do >> maybe they're keeping it whatever -- play with certain friends but they don't have a quiet. >> i would, frankly. say in going up. >> i have a 3-year-old and i first, police near the would not -- whoa! university of kentucky are ready to control the crowds after tonight's title game. how did you get that footage? >> that's right. they were forced to make adjustments after saturday i didn't know there was a camera up there when i went skydiving. night's postgame violence. >> is your son on your lap there? abc's john muller reports. >> reporter: flames and passions i can't tell. >> he's in my backpack. lit the lexington sky as cars >> both of them or -- burned openly on state street. >> yeah. what started as a celebration of a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old in that little backpack, t.j.
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a win quickly descended into no, i've never gone skydiving, mayhem. but my husband has. have you ever? thousands of alcohol-fueled >> i never have. >> i don't want to do it. wildcat fans whipping each other i have no interest. into a frenzy. it was on his bucket list. the kind thing you'd do once and won't ever do it again. armed with beer bottles and i don't need to ever do it. bravado, fans climbed on top of >> space mountain at walt disney world is enough for me. cars to the cheer of others. coming up, the big winners hearing officers scream to partiers, get down. at last night's country music awards. get off the car. >> reporter: police were out in force giving a whole new meaning to march madness. watch as revelers torched this >> and who would you cast to overturned car. and it wasn't just cars. play steve jobs. we get hollywood's answer next some burned anything they could in "the skinny." >> announcer: abc's "world news find. by the time it was over, up to now" will continue after this from our abc stations. two dozen arrests but no serious injuries. meanwhile, louisville mourned their loss gracefully and without incident. all this after a basketball game. a big one as kentucky won the battle of the bluegrass state on the hard court beating louisville, 69-61, to advance to the ncaa final. of course, for thousands, the only intention was to celebrate. police in riot gear carrying large sticks tried to close the streets, but they were vastly outnumbered and showed
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restrained. the mob prevailed. the crowd and the fires eventually burning themselves out. lexington police have met to make adjustments for the final game. several hundred police officers will be on the street to keep order. john muller, abc news, new york. >> what can you say other than as long as there are college students, there will be riots. and this is not the first time for kentucky. back in 1998 when the team won the championship, ten people were arrested and dozens were hurt when celebrations also got out of hand. >> and two years before that, when kentucky beat syracuse, officers were hit with beer bottles and a tv news van was flipped over. these fans have got a lot of energy. >> a lot of pent-up frustration. moving on to a horrible story from northeast kansas where police are looking into the fatal crash of a motor home. the packed rv was traveling from texas to minnesota when the driver lost control yesterday morning. it hit a guard rail before crashing into a ravine. at least five people were killed and 13 others were treated at
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hospitals. several of them remain in critical condition. thousands of demonstrators turned out in miami sunday calling for justice in the trayvon martin case. basketball stars alonso mourning and isiah thomas, chaka khan and betty white. newly revealed evidence is opening new wounds for the family of missing utah mom susan powell. two months after her husband ♪ snny killed himself and the couple's ♪ ski two young sons, we're learning ♪ skinny so skinny ♪ police had piles of evidence including blood found in the all right. family home and a chilling note. it's that time again. more now from abc's mark time for "the skinny." greenblatt. >> all the signs were there, and the police didn't act on it. lots of excitement at the >> reporter: the sister of susan cox powell believes that police country music awards on sunday. in utah have blood on their fun times. miranda lambert took album of hands for not arresting josh powell in connection to his the year. wife's disappearance, not protecting the powell kids after lady antebellum, vocal group of police collected what now the year. eli young band, song of the appears to be a mountain of year. evidence linking josh to susan's jason aldean and kelly clarkson possible murder. >> look what it did. best record of the year. it killed my nephews. hosted by blake shelton and reba by not putting him behind bars mcentire this time around. and there you see the beautiful miranda lambert who is, of
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when he should have been. course, blake's wife. >> reporter: denise cox is zac brown band also performed. there's carrie underwood belting reacting to newly unsealed it out. documents revealing how her new song "good girl" she investigators found susan's sang. blood on the couple's floor near there she is looking very good indeed, i must say. where two fans were set up and and the zac brown band also blowing on to a sofa that performed. very exciting night. appeared to have just been country music awards are always cleaned. fun. utah police also never told the >> that's right. family about a letter they found in susan's safety deposit box there was another awards show over the weekend. the 25th annual kids' choice awards which is funny because most of these kids probably that susan asked not be shown to haven't been around for half that time. but a lot of sliming going on as her husband joshua which said if is always the case at the kids' she dies, it may not be an choice awards. amongst those stars that got slimed, halle berry, taylor accident, even if it looks like lautner who won the favorite butt kicker award. one. "glee" star and, of course, the biebs, justin bieber. yet police let powell move away so a lot of sliming going on there. from utah to washington state will smith you can see. he actually hosted the awards with the kids without warning the family. show. >> they were foolish in keeping >> that green stuff, i always it from us. wonder how long it takes to get >> reporter: law enforcement in it off. >> michelle obama was one who washington agrees.
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>> josh powell should have been did not get slimed, but she did present an award for a charity award that's given out every in jail. year. and so nice of the first lady to should have been arrested. show up. >> do you think they asked her >> reporter: then josh's father and she declined or -- >> i don't thing secret service would let the slimers get anywhere near her. steven reportedly obsessed with who would you cast to play susan himself. steve jobs in a movie about and recently arrested after steve jobs? being found with child pornography. police also found that he had >> what do you think of jim pictures of susan in her underwear, potentially lending credibility to worries that she caviezel? once expressed to her mom. >> i don't even know who that >> she said just in case is. something happens to me, i want you to know where his dad lives. >> he's the guy -- he's got this because he'll have something to quiet intensity about him. >> hollywood thought ashton do with it. >> reporter: clearly susan's kutcher is the right way to go. sister still struggling here. when we asked police in utah what excuse they cohaveor i don't know. judgment saying that there's still very actively investigating this case. mark greenblatt, abc news, new maybe it will be good. york. >> such an upsetting story. apparently he is about to play moving on to major medical steve jobs in an indy biopic. headlines. everyone wants to know whether a new study just released by the or not he's going to sign a deal mayo clinic shows the number of melanoma cases in women has for another season of "two and a increased eightfold since 1970. half men." in men, the number of cases sources tell e! he most likely jumped fourfold. will return to "two and a half young women were most at risk. men." kutcher would film jobs while on researchers do point out in this hiatus from the cbs comedy. small study of 250 patients that do you think they look alike? >> there may be some physical the chance of dying from this resemblance there. form of cancer has decreased especially jobs early on in the dramatically. early '80s where he had that and new research shows mane of hair there. i don't know. post-traumatic stress disorder
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>> it's certainly flattering to could be a genetic condition. ucla research just released jobs, that's for sure. i think. >> i would say the opposite that it's flattering to -- just in links two genes to a higher risk terms of he can play someone of developing the disorder. scientists discovered this after studying 200 adults and their like a visionary like steve jobs. extended families. they linked two genes to a brain >> i'm talking about the chemical that regulates mood, physical appearance. sleep and alertness, all factors from the standpoint of physical in developing ptsd. we know genetic reasons for appearance. ours. >> okay. now to politics and a major i see that. change on the republican campaign trail. one last one for you. conan o'brien made a big april fools' joke yesterday. for the first time, mitt romney is predicting he will probably he claimed to have bought the be the nominee. social media website mashable. >> that to right. he said that, i go to see this is a shift from all those mashable and the atrocious job they are doing. canned answers like, i hope it it's time for me to take over. will be me or i hope i'll get conan finally quit his position the delegates we need. at 10:00 last night saying his reign at mashable is over. abc's rick klein has more. >> reporter: the republican party establishment is starting to speak with one voice. we love conan, and i guess -- and that voice is saying this is i realized i needed an aarp... over. medicare supplement nsurance card, too. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is the latest to say medicare is one of the great things about turning 65,
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cities. 80s from omaha to dallas and down to miami. new york, 58. and boston 50. now more than a little bit of longevity is the reason why this is our -- ready? favorite story of the day. that was really good. and it comes to us from rock island, illinois. >> that's where we find and send a belated happy birthday to shelby harris. he is celebrating his -- get this -- 111th birthday over the weekend. yes, that makes him the oldest man in the u.s. >> that is so impressive. with all that age comes some wisdom. harris says he just tries to live the right kind of life from day-to-day and he loves everyone and he wants everyone to love him. so i guess all you need is a little love. >> lennon and mccartney. >> he's on to something. >> good for him. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> and we'll be right back with more "world news now." hey, insomniacs, you're watching "world news now." >> sleep is overrated. ♪
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>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men hair color. weather brought to you by just for men hair color. [ male announcer ] we did an experiment for febreze fabric refresher. oh, sorry. finally this half hour, an online extravaganza is being unveiled today. a world of sound that is as close as your keyboard. featuring nearly 3,000 voices from 73 countries. >> it's the brainchild of a grammy-winning u.s. composer as abc's nick watt reports. >> reporter: right here, right now, the world's first taste of an extraordinary collaboration. 2,950 singers from 73 countries [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? from south africa to australia light floral, lilac. wispy white curtains. [ experimenter 1 ] okay take your blindfolds off. to kazakhstan. ♪ a virtual choir created by eric hello? whitaker. [ male announcer ] febreze fabric refresher. >> from the earliest history of breathe happy, guaranteed. man, people have been doing this in one form or another. coming together and making
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music. >> reporter: the virtual choir comes together online singing in bathtubs and closets. ♪ >> reporter: this woman is a librarian in norway. >> you just have the general feeling of being connected to people everywhere. it's lovely. >> reporter: harmonizing with jan 4,000 miles away on vancouver island. she hadn't sung in years. >> you recently turned 60? >> yes, i did, and i wanted to do it. as a challenge because i'd like to be able to hold my head up and say, you know, i did it. >> we haven't ever turned away a single singer. they've all made the cut. >> reporter: global voices united as one.
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nick watt, abc news, london. >> that is pretty phenomenal. and you know, tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern, it will be streaming live right here on new york city at lincoln center in a concert hall. isn't that incredible? >> it really is. >> something professional artists have been doing for a while, mixing voices. now for the masses and so many voices. it really is very, very powerful. >> the power of the internet once again astounding. that is the news for this half hour. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> and catch our tweets on twitter. stay in touch online and on the air. coming up, more news from abc. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
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♪ because i'm tnt i'm dynamite ♪ all right. so for those viewers wondering whether we're a couple of headbangers, there is some significance to the choice of this selection. >> that's right. >> i'm t.j. and you're -- >> tanya. >> so it's t & t. >> isn't that clever? "tnt" also the second studio album by ac/dc. came out in 1975. so we just wanted to give them a shout-out. >> and for regular viewers going, who are you guys? "wnn" is like a box of chocolates. you never know which anchors you're going to get. >> very well put. >> just keep tuning in. all right.
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moving on now, this morning we're still waiting to find out who won friday's largest lottery jackpot in history. all we know it wasn't us. >> we know that the winning tickets were sold in three states. as david kerley explains, we may never know who those winners are. >> reporter: it's a mystery that may never be completely solved. >> i want to know what they're going to do. >> i'm really curious. >> reporter: while nearly one-third of us, 100 million americans played, there are only three winning tickets, each worth $218 million. the maryland and kansas winners can remain anonymous which sends us to red bud, illinois, population 3,500. a town where you most likely know your neighborhood. >> who would have thought red bud would be put on the map. >> it's exciting. it's exciting. there's all the -- in small towns, there's always gossip going on and stuff so it just gives everybody something to speculate about. so everybody is dreaming. >> reporter: and all along illinois highway 3 which runs right through the middle of town, they are talking. is it their neighbor who is the newest millionaire?
3:17 am
>> oh, my gosh. everybody is just guessing and rumors are flying. >> reporter: rumors and names popping up at the country kitchen. not me they say, which is nadine told her kids when they called. >> i said, well, no, sorry. you're on your own for a while yet. >> reporter: anyone tired of being asked if they are the newest millionaire can now buy a t-shirt. yes, i am from red bud. no, i am not the winner. the winner used a quick pick. their name will be made public. they have a year to claim their prize unless they want that lump sum cash payment. they have to ask for that within 60 days. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> 60 days. the clock is ticking. if you want that lump sum. >> i used a quick pick. why couldn't i have won? >> they say that's a tip that you should not use quick pick. look how many won with a quick pick. >> what's the logic there? >> you know what? we'll be right back. i give up.owowowowowowowowowowow
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so we're going to let robin go away for a whole week. >> we have to find someone who gets her. stoo hi, guys. >> that will do. >> yeah. >> how are you? nice to see you. >> so good to see you. well, you are cooking.
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caution now for parents of young athletes. caution now for parents of young athletes. the rate of concussions in children is on the rise. >> but a student in minnesota is taking action inventing something to prevent those injuries. kal's brianna long reports. >> reporter: 14-year-old robert, an eighth grader at friedell elementary, is well aware of the increased number of concussions in teenagers. >> i was trying to reduce the impact acceleration of a baseball to the head. >> reporter: he went to work building a device where he could test baseball helmets. >> to test the helmets, i fired baseballs at the helmets. >> he tried different kinds of balls and finally found a solution that worked. >> i found out that one of the designs was a -- two metal
3:21 am
bumpers on the outside of a helmet, and that reduced the impact the most. >> reporter: which ultimately could reduce concussions, something local baseball coaches are praising. >> anything you can do to help protect the kids, i'm all for it. in reality, people are seriously damaged with not taking care of themselves and having even worse health effects down the road. i don't want that for anyone. >> reporter: his helmet project has already won this year's state science fair. >> state science fair thought it was a really innovative idea and wanted to, obviously, they rewarded him with the seagate rising star award. it's the highest science honor a middle school student can get. for him, it's about more than an award. >> it's real-life application. so it can be used to actually help people. >> reporter: brianna long, abc news. >> t.j., i took it upon myself
3:22 am
to develop a little helmet for you as well. i designed this for you. what do you think? >> wow. i look like 20,000 leagues under the sea there. >> it does a lot of fancy things. just give it a shot before you -- the sea there. >> it does a lot of fancy things. just give it a shot before you --
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♪ good golly miss molly. time for "insomniac theater." this past weekend at the box office, "the hunger games" continued to dominate. >> but there is another film that has had an outpouring of celebrity support and a campaign to drop the r-rating so everyone can see the film. "bully." and a little shutout to jenny golden who was the editor on the film. abc news' molly hunter has our review. good morning. >> good morning, tanya and t.j. "bully" was absolutely
3:26 am
fantastic. it ran about 90 minutes. i think i cried for 89 of them. there wasn't a dry eye in the house. it was compelling. it was thoughtful and it was incredibly upsetting to see how cruel kids are to other kids. for me, i think even more upsetting was to see bus drivers and teachers n administrators do nothing about it. the clip that you are watching right now shows two parents kind of pleading with the school administration official to do something, to do anything to protect her child. and it's a heart-wrenching moment. they don't do enough. and the filmmakers kind of showed a lot of the footage they shot. the parents went to school administration officials which is pretty out of character for documentary filmmakers to turn off the camera. and they did and it caused a huge stir in some of these small towns. you guys should absolutely see it. let's see what my other fellow moviegoers had to say.
3:27 am
>> i felt the movie was very, very important. i was a teacher for 37 years, and i sometimes wonder what is happening to some of the children that i helped so much from bullying. >> i thought the movie was very good. i think all parents should see it and talk to their kids because it's very, very important for them. >> definitely. everyone should see it. >> you see all those puffy eyes. people were -- handing out kleenex. i needed a lot of kleenex. i'm glad i didn't just come from the theater. but you know, that has been a lot of controversy. a lot of celebs have weighed in. the rating issue has been huge. >> what is the latest with that? it keeps going back and forth. >> there's a lot of movement online. weinstein company did in fact, release it without a rating which i think is really smart. i am giving it a full five stars. >> wow. >> you guys should see it. it's the best movie i've seen this year.
3:28 am
and you know what? fellow insomniacs, go see it. come back to our facebook page and let us know. s
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this morning on "world news now" -- a deveping sto this morning on "world news now" -- a developing story. the coast guard rescues two sailors injured when a huge wave hit their yacht. >> that yacht is in the middle of a round the world race hundreds of miles off the coast of san francisco. it is monday, april 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm t.j. winick in for rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. paula faris is on assignment. this rescue on the high seas was not easy because of the windy, stormy conditions. just hours ago, coast guard crews managed to reach the troubled yacht. a helicopter flew the injured sailors to a san francisco hospital. also this morning, more demands from trayvon martin's family to arrest that florida neighborhood watch captain who
3:31 am
killed the unarmed teenager. his parents and some big-name athletes added their name to the growing outrage. >> this is a story that certainly will not go away. later this half hour, would you let your 3-year-old take a death-defying plunge out of a moving aircraft? the controversy over parents who allow their small children to skydive. t.j., will you take your son -- >> well, he's not yet 1, but i would probably say no when he's 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 -- until he can make his own decision. >> maybe 25? >> exactly. but first, a developing story taking place right now off the coast of california. it involves a crippled racing yacht called the "geraldton western australia" as it limps toward san francisco bay. >> the boat's crew is lucky to still be involved in an ongoing round the world race after being hit by a huge wave over the weekend. its skipper said, the sea was alive with rage. abc's clayton sandell has the latest details. >> reporter: when the crew of the "geraldton western
3:32 am
australia" left china last month for the u.s., it was smooth sailing. but just 400 miles from the california coast, the 68-foot racing yacht ran into trouble. just before dawn saturday, the boat was hit by a monstrous swell. steering was knocked out. >> and the crew took the full force of that wave on them. so it knocked them over. >> reporter: four people were hurt, including jane hitchens, the ship's medic. she may have several broken ribs. a coast guard plane dropped medical supplies on saturday but bad weather kept rescuers from reaching the boat. the coast guard finally reached the yacht and rescued two injured sailors. they'll be taken to san francisco for emergency medical attention. since august, the team has been sailing 1 of 10 yachts competing in a race around the world. on this latest leg, a competing team shot this video. featuring waves angry enough to make even the most stalwart
3:33 am
sailor sea sick. this is not the end of the race. the team has two weeks to fix the boat, fix themselves and set sail once again on hopefully smoother seas. clayton sandell, abc news. >> they are certainly resilient. i can't believe they are continuing the race. >> a lot of people don't realize just how brutal a sport competitive racing can be. with the elements and equipment and it's just -- >> do you have experience with this? >> you know, in my bathtub. in my bathtub. >> rubber ducky? >> i'm a follower of the america's cup race and have been for a long time. it's incredible what they endure. >> it really is. certainly an exciting race. moving on to dozens of volunteers who spent part of their weekend searching for a missing california teenager. sierra lamar disappeared more than two weeks ago after the cheerleader left home for the bus stop. san francisco 49ers quarterback alex smith was among the people donating food, supplies and time
3:34 am
to the effort. there have been two days of rallies in florida in support of the trayvon martin case. thousands marched through sanford on saturday. and yesterday, the crowds were in miami. abc's alex perez was there. >> reporter: there are new developments in this case. trayvon martin's parents are calling on the justice department to launch a new investigation. they both attended a special rally here in miami. this is the area trayvon called home. >> feels good. lets us know that our neighbors really truly love us. >> what do you want the public to know about your son and who he was? >> we just want the public to know he was a regular teenager. he was respectable and loved by his family and his friends. >> reporter: trayvon's parents are asking the justice department to investigate possible interference by the state attorney's office. trayvon's parents showing a much smaller than expected crowd in miami for a rally that included speeches from reverends al sharpton, jesse jackson and a special performance from chaka khan. >> no justice!
3:35 am
>> no peace. >> no justice! >> no peace. >> similar rallies were held in new jersey, chicago and indianapolis. those in attendance are united in their message. >> to the mother and father, i promised them that we would be here until zimmerman is arrested. >> reporter: they want george zimmerman behind bars. >> it's just baffling how people -- they just take his word for it as if that's exactly what happened. and no question about it. >> reporter: although it could be weeks before investigators decide on charges, protesters vowed to continue marching until their voices are heard. alex perez, abc news, miami. the wife of that jetblue pilot who had a midair meltdown is speaking out. connie osbon says the family believes her husband was not intentionally violent toward anyone, and she praises the flight crew for the way it handled the situation. osbon says the family is focused on her husband's recovery and won't be giving any interviews. jetblue ranks at the bottom
3:36 am
of the list of major airlines when it comes to on-time performance. just 73% of jetblue's flights were on time last year according to a study on airline service which was just released. hawaiian airlines ranked best with its flights arriving on time more than 92% of the time. most airlines improved their quality rankings over the past year when it comes to bumping, baggage handling and consumer complaints. the deadly colorado wildfire that's been burning now for a week is almost fully contained. the remaining evacuees will be allowed to return to their homes this morning. the fire which flared after a controlled burn scorched six square miles and damaged more than two dozen homes. an elderly couple was killed, and officials believe they found the remains of a missing woman. a big section of the country is still recovering from an especially early and violent outbreak of twisters. with a peak tornado season still ahead, a new enhanced warning system goes online today to warn you like never before. here's abc's ginger zee. >> reporter: devastation in tuscaloosa. joplin, missouri, a wasteland. and in henryville, indiana,
3:37 am
this. >> didn't have a whole lot. now i got nothing. >> reporter: all killer tornadoes. all had tornado warnings. but hundreds of tornado warnings go out and don't end like this, which is why the national weather service is testing a heightened warning system in parts of missouri and kansas which would go beyond the traditional warning. >> doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. >> our hope is with better description will come better action. >> reporter: and these warnings don't mince words. here's what you might hear. you could be killed if not underground. mass devastation is highly likely. mobile homes will offer no shelter. the words aren't meant to frighten people but to get people to take action. a lesson i've seen folks learn too late, like in devine, texas.
3:38 am
>> we get tornado warnings and watches all the time. just becomes routine that you hear it when there's a thunderstorm. >> reporter: let me emphasize again all tornado warnings should be taken seriously. and a warning is only the beginning. you have to have a way to get that warning, and sirens are not enough. get a noaa weather radio and have a place to go when the warning comes through. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> these noaa radios are easy to get. not very expensive. very useful. >> it seems like an idea long overdo. >> absolutely. here's your monday forecast. a chance of tornadoes, hail and powerful winds from kansas to texas. showers into the upper midwest and from new orleans to jackson, mississippi. morning rain in the northeast. snow in the colorado rockies and new mexico.
3:39 am
rain and mountain snow in the northwest. >> 56 in seattle. 48 in colorado springs. and 73 in phoenix. 57 in detroit. 84 in kansas city. 80s from dallas to atlanta. 61 in baltimore. well, it's killing us, but we still don't know who won friday's $640 million mega millions jackpot. who all of the winners are. we do know lots of lucky partial winners, including one man in southern california. >> that's right. a tv crew just happened to be there when guatemalan immigrant rosaro ramos checked his ticket and found out he had won about $250,000. he matched five of the winning numbers but not the mega ball. >> i love this. he did what so many people dream about. he didn't waste any time. he immediately quit his job. and said he's going to use the money to start a business with his four brothers back in guatemala. isn't that wonderful? >> it's a great story. i love that. he's like take this job and you know what to do. >> that he's using it to help out his family. >> of course. >> wouldn't you? >> oh, yeah, the family. of course. we'll be right back.
3:40 am
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♪ i'm free free-falling ♪ another excellent musical selection by the talented folks here. some parents push their kids to soar above the rest, but there is one dad who may have them soaring a little too high. >> i can't believe i'm reading this. he jumped out of a plane with his 3-year-old and now he wants
3:44 am
to take his 2-year-old skydiving as well. abc's mark greenblatt is on that story. >> reporter: some call it an extreme sport. others just crazy. but whatever you think about jumping out of a plane, would you ever strap a 3-year-old to yourself before doing it? >> well, meet aaron marriott. seen here in a promotional video
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